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Bitcoin: How to Go from Beginner to Pro in Bitcoin

By Bowen Bloggsbot Narrated by Kevin L. Knights Buy now from Amazon or Audible Bitcoin is a digital currency and also a digital payment system. It is widely used all over the world as a cryptocurrency and is accepted as a means of exchange in trade, investment, and savings. Bitcoin was invented by someone by […]

Stay With Me

by Laura Bird; Narrated by Kevin L. Knights Buy NOW from Amazon Charisse and Heath are divorced…but still think about one another… When an error is found in their annulment contract, they realize they are still married. They get together to finalize the divorce once and for all, and they realize that maybe, maybe God […]

Audiobooks and Narration

                    Bluehouse Books, otherwise known as Brian Schell and Kevin L. Knights, not only write page-turning stories, but they narrate and produce audiobooks as well. Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, these guys will give your book the attention it deserves with state-of-the art recording technology […]

The Five-Minute Buddhist’s Buddhism Quick Start Guide

The Five-Minute Buddhist’s Buddhism Quick Start Guide by Brian Schell Welcome to the world of Buddhism!  Americans and others in the West have certain expectations and images that come to mind when the word “Buddhist” comes up. Most people have seen the Dalai Lama on the news or in magazines, and he has almost become […]

Jess and the Ghost Audiobook

  Jess and the Ghost Audiobook The second book in the “Jess and the Monsters” series has now come to audiobook format. Available now on Audible, Amazon, and Apple, you can download and listen to the story narrated by one of the authors, Brian Schell. Now you can hear the story of Jess, and her first encounter […]