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Kevin L. Knights

Kevin L. Knights

Kevin L. Knights is a retired accountant who has moved on from creative mathematics to creative writing. He used to act on stage and screen but nowadays, he’s more interested in writing than pretending he’s someone else for a while. He spends most of his time throwing darts, creating disturbing paintings, spending time with his husband, and of course writing all manner of oddities.

He’s currently hard at work on the upcoming “Jess and the Monsters” series as well as several other projects.

By Kevin L. Knights:
Daily Writing!: A Year of Story Prompts
A Sextet of Strange Stagings

by Kevin L. Knights and Brian Schell
Jess and the Monsters, Season One (episodes 1-6)
Jess and the Blood of the Werewolf (episode 7)
Random Acts of Cloning, The Complete Series


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