Jess and the Monsters #1: Jess and the Werewolf

Jess and the Werewolf

Jess and the Werewolf

Jess and the Monsters #1: Jess and the Werewolf

by Brian Schell and Kevin L. Knights!

In this premier episode, Jess is a librarian living a cozy, ordinary life in a sane world.  Then she meets Jack and on their first date night, her world is turned inside out.  After witnessing a werewolf attack, she is forced to accept that the supernatural is actually the new natural.  The problem is that werewolves like their existence to be kept secret.  The FBI wants the existence of werewolves to be kept secret as well.  Soon, Jess finds herself on the run from both.

Follow along with Jess as she discovers that the everyday world she thought she understood is actually inhabited by all kinds of creepy nasties: Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and even worse… things. She’s helped along the way by new friends and other explorers of this new, paranormal world.

Each book in this work of serialized fiction is a stand-alone story, but takes place with an overall long-term storyline, much like an old-time ongoing serial or TV episode. Taken as a whole, the series plots Jess’s growth as she comes to grips with, and learns more and more about the world’s supernatural underworld.

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    Jess and the Werewolf is a fun adventure. November 8, 2013
    By D. Winkler
    Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
    Jess and the Werewolf is a great read. I really liked this book, it had a great story line. Can’t wait for the next installment. Captivating and clever read.

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