Daily Writing!: A Year of Story Prompts

Daily WritingDaily Writing!: A Year of Story Prompts

By Kevin L. Knights

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ISBN-13: 9781489562821
Publication date: 5/26/2013
Pages: 144

You can write. Sit down and string words together one after the other. Don’t just say you want to be a writer. Be a writer. It’s that simple.

This book can help you get started. It’s laid out with a year’s worth of thought provoking prompts, one a day plus the occasional bonus photo.

You don’t have to start January 1st, pick any day that you want.

Pick a prompt every Saturday morning. Or work on one before bed. Randomly flip through the book with your eyes closed, point and say, “I will write a short story from this one.” Use them to write the most ridiculous thing imaginable that you’d never show anyone. Use them in class if you are a teacher. Anything goes with no limits. Just write.


And have fun!