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Tales to Make You Shiver Volume 2

By Brian Schell and Kevin L. Knights Buy NOW from Amazon Most days things start out so normally. Then sometimes everything goes off the rails. Luckily none of the things in these stories would ever, ever happen to you. Right? In this second collection, Brian Schell joins forces with Kevin L. Knights to bring you […]

Stay With Me

by Laura Bird; Narrated by Kevin L. Knights Buy NOW from Amazon Charisse and Heath are divorced…but still think about one another… When an error is found in their annulment contract, they realize they are still married. They get together to finalize the divorce once and for all, and they realize that maybe, maybe God […]

Tales to Make You Shiver (Volume 1)

by Brian Schell These thirteen short tales of terror range from classic tales of supernatural revenge to serial-killing clowns, alien menaces, and even Death incarnate makes an appearance. Reviews on individual stories: “It’s like Goosebumps for adults” “I could see a lot of my childhood adventures in this short story” “Clowns and leeches: You covered […]

A Sextet of Strange Stagings

A Sextet of Strange Stagings by Kevin L. Knights Buy now from A collection of short plays with a touch of romance, science fiction, mystery, surprise, and a whole lot of strangeness. All can be staged royalty-free with sets as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. Adult language and situations […]