A Sextet of Strange Stagings

A Sextet of Strange Stagings

by Kevin L. Knights

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A collection of short plays with a touch of romance, science fiction, mystery, surprise, and a whole lot of strangeness. All can be staged royalty-free with sets as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. Adult language and situations make these scripts best for college-age folks or older.

In The Lobby – Two guys just hanging out having a conversation until things go in an unexpected direction.

Cityscape – An artist finishes his painting while chatting with his lover who is painting him at the same time.

One Night in the Darkling Bar – A surreal meeting between an anarchist and the man who holds key information for sale, with a hand puppet as a third character.

Room 1412 – Martin is having a rendezvous with his lover Karnie, and things are going great until her husband busts in. Then things quickly go downhill from there.

Invasion – A lone soldier is guarding a post against invaders. All he knows is a rumor that aliens are invading Earth. Things get weird when he challenges another soldier who wants to pass.

Making Luck – Two rival companies are genetically engineering clover plants, adding more and more leaves to increase the luck. But tampering with the natural laws of chance can cause some real problems.